Match Report, 1st February

Just the usual Friday night. John’s team lost, largely because of poor goalkeeping. Ron top-scored for the opposing team with 5, for much the same reason. Geoff played a blinder. (See Jook’s shirt, left. He couldn’t, of course, not at the time.) In the pub afterwards we discussed John’s old Waitrose and Tesco till receipts. The most interesting bit was where he passed around specimens and invited us each in turn to work out how much Waitrose had had to pay him for the carrots he’d got on their “3 for 2 combined with double discount” offer. The correct answer, for which there was no prize, proved to be 50p (10/- in real money). He concluded his talk by saying that although the staff in both shops can spot him coming a mile off, he thought it unlikely that he’d be recognised in the M&S underneath the very cheap hotel we are going to stay at in Prague. It was agreed, without moving to a vote, that he should do the grocery shopping there for us.