Christmas Dinner 2014 – a Carol for Duke

At Christmas Dinner this year we sang Happy Birthday to our beloved Treasurer, Thomo, who reached the 70 mark.  He’d taken a bunch of us along with him to the Dogs to celebrate, the previous week.

But the Dinner this year fell on Friday 19th — just one day after Duke’s birthday. Thus, unusually,  we were able to celebrate the headmaster’s (i.e. Duke’s) birthday, as well. This special carol was written for him by Wee John (based on a more well-known one); please note that all the soft stuff about loving brothers and all that, in the last verse, is part of the original carol, and was not written in a sentimental fit by WJ.

Happy Birthdays Thomo (70 – gone to the Dogs) and Dook (76 – going on forever!)


A Carol for Duke
HWGE Christmas Dinner
19 December 2014

God rest ye merry, gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
For Duke, our dear High Master
Was born on yesterday
This year he reaches 76
“Good Grief” I hear you say
O tidings of hard-but-fair play
Hard-but-Fair Play!
O tidings of hard-but-fair play

In Bethnal Green in Lahndahn
This blessed babe was born
And laid within a boxing ring
His sporting trade to learn
He learned both well and diligent
And we all know his form
O tidings of “‘ere – ‘ave summa that!”
Have some of that!
O tidings of “‘ere – ‘ave summa that!”

‘E never tackles players
Without they come off worst
‘E never elbows anyone
Unless they done it first
‘E never tackles ‘is own side
Unless they’re in the way
O tidings of Dook’s style of play
Dook’s style o’ play
O tidings of Dook’s style of play

Now to our Dook sing praises,
All you within this place,
And with true love and brotherhood
Each other now embrace;
He drags us on behind him
All marvelling at his pace
O tidings of Never give it up!
Never give up!
O tidings of Never give it up!