4-way tournament in Prague!

Following its great success on the international scene in preceding years, the team is off to Prague in April 2008 for a 4-way tournament with old rivals from Berlin and Madrid plus an unknown quantity in the local hosts, who boast the ominous name of Killing Power FC. How will our Tynedale heroes fare? Will they be up for their oats or off to the slaughter? (And what will the local goats think of it all?) Find out here in April!

Update 16 December

Here’s the current list of attendees:

1. Adrian
2. Duke
3. Ron (only travels back from Prague)
4. Ron’s friend 1 – Neil Hollinsworth
5. Ron’s friend 2 – Mike Mattocks
6. Richard
7. Volker I
8. Volker I’s brother (coming but not playing)
9. Volker II
10. David
11. Glen
12. Trevor
13. John
14. Ralph

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